Introduction : My African Roots


African Roots


Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Binta, Owner of Hersplendidlifestyle. A content wife, and satisfied mom of 2 little munchkins. I chose those words wisely, lol.

Content wife of 1 husband and satisfied mom of 2 children (1 boy (5 yrs old) and 1 girl(7 yrs old, and not seeking anymore). My hands are already full. 


 I'm a nurse by profession, choir member by calling, and fashion designer by purpose/passion. I started out as a fashion blogger in 2016 and somehow yielded to my yearning to create designs and bring them to life, a few years ago. I started teaching myself to sew via youtube and other resources. Today I hand make some of my clothes here in the USA and also outsource some of my production to other small businesses in Nigeria and Ghana.


I am a proud Nigerian, and of the Igbo tribe. I am very proud of my African roots because of our rich culture and history. The Food, the fashion, the communal way of living, raising children, weddings, marriages and more. It is my utmost wish to instill these values in my children.


I have a soft spot in my heart for mothers like myself, raising culturally aware children in the diaspora, and who hold Faith and Family values with high regard. I love associating with other moms. Constantly learning and improving our lives, and learning efficient ways to do things better. These and more is what I plan to share on this blog. 


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