One Thing Every Married Woman Needs.




If I asked you to guess which one thing every married woman needs, will you get it right? Try guessing before scrolling to see what it actually is.


The idea of getting married is one that most single ladies adore. We all used to sit and chat with close friends about what kind of man we wanted to marry, how many brothers and sisters we wish he would have , and stuff like that. We all seemed to enjoy the company of good friends even while we were dating, trying out the waters, lol.


And then Boom !!!, Mr Right proposes. At times like this, we realize how much we need our friends. We celebrate our friendships by inviting our friends to be on our train and buy our aso-ebi.


As we try to navigate through marriage as newly weds, we start to loose friendships we once cherished. With each year, Our circle of friends gets smaller and smaller. Then we get pregnant and we have to keep it under wraps (its a cultural thing). Just FYI, most Africans “hide” their pregnancies in the early stages from the fear of losing the pregnancy to ill-minded people. We loose even more friends from disappointment of not informing them that we are expecting, until its time for our baby shower.


We get so busy working, building our homes, and raising children that having quality time for friends becomes less of a reality. Consequently, we realize that even with a loving spouse and amazing kids, nothing can take the place of a good friend. A friend to have some meaningful chats with, to have brunch with, that uplifts, supports and encourages you (and vice versa).

There are so many things that help you enjoy married life. However, One of the main one's on the top of my list, is a good friend. If you have a sister, you’re lucky. If you have friends that have turned sisters, you’re extra lucky. Every married woman needs good friends.

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