Styling African Clothing - Pink Ankara Shorts


A lot of people love wearing shorts in the summer.However most people wear it as a casual piece.

The good thing about African clothing, is that they are usually colorful and consist of bold prints that you can style in so many ways. I took up the challenge to style this African Print short in 2 ways.


Style 1: I paired it with a white button up shirt. It was already looking dressy but I figured adding any kind of jacket or blazer will dress it up better . I added this see through crop Jacket and it sealed the deal for me. This is an Afrocentric style you can wear to a women's conference, an informal business meeting, or even as a wedding guest etc


Style 2: I styled the crop jacket as is. I figured people who don’t like layering might not like the first style, so I dressed light with my African shorts and the see through crop jacket . This way, you can still enjoy the warm summer breeze while still looking Gorgeous.

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