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Back To School Essentials for the Kids during COVID

Hello Moms, todays blog post is one for the records. Considering the times, you might wonder which parent is sending their kids back to school at this time? Pardon me, but I am one of them. Its September and we are starting to see a slower trend of COVID so things are slowly opening back up. Some schools have opened back up and some of us with tight work schedules had to send our little kiddos to school (abiding by all safety precautions, of course). So far the kids have been in school for about 3 weeks and we are all doing good so far (fingers crossed).

If you are trying to make this decision, consider your childs school and how many students are in the school and also in their class. Review the schools reopening plan and make sure you are comfortable with it. Lastly, Visit the school (if allowed) and see for yourself the steps they have taken to promote safety overall. Things like spacing out the students desks in the classroom, hand sanitizer stations, wearing mask policies and also their pick up and drop off process.

If you have done all that and are ready to go, here are some back to school essentials I put together (in addition to their stationaries)

  1. Backpack- A backpack and lunch box that can be wiped down with clorox wipes or that you don't mind spraying with lysol.

2. Water bottle - Most water fountains are not being used at the schools right now.

3. Breathable masks - Try the mask on them at home to make sure it fits and they are comfortable with it. Some cloth masks can get itchy so watch out for that. Pack a mask they can wear to school and also put an EXTRA MASK in a ziplock bag in case their mask ever falls. Make sure you let your child know they have an extra mask and let them know where it is and when they should use it. Costco sells some good masks for the kids. I got a pack of 4 for $9.99 in stores.

4. Portable hand sanitizer - Any small size hand sanitizer would do, but preferably one that you can attach to their backpack or lunch bag. Check this out from Target.

In addition, have your Claritin and Mucinex and Multivitamins ready at home(in case you need it). The kids have been quarantining a long time so just being around people again can cause a few symptoms here and there (not COVID related). My kids have runny nose sometimes from seasonal allergies so I try to medicate when needed or use other natural means (including humidifiers and honey) to keep them safe. Multivitamins are a must for me just to help boost their immunity during these trying times.

I hope this helped. Thanks for reading. Don't forget to subscribe and share. Leave us a comment. We would love to hear from you!

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