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Dealing With Post Covid Syndrome

Hello Style Lovers, If you are wondering why I have been a little MIA, it’s because there’s a new wanna -be-Boss in town. His name is Mr Post Covid Syndrome. Some of you may know that I had Covid around thanksgiving last year. I was down about 1-2 weeks but at least I was still able to do a few of my daily activities and more.

About 3 weeks ago, I started having so many symptoms. Fatigue, constant headaches, dizziness, brain fog and the likes. I went to the ER twice and they couldn’t quite diagnose me because all the tests and scans they ran came back negative . I also followed up with my Primary care and she ran a series of test and assessment that were all negative so I couldn’t quite get a diagnosis either.

Here I was completely fatigued, literally tied to my bed because I couldn’t do anything without feeling like I was passing out or my head was about to fall off. Not to mention, I couldn’t do any sewing (now that’s very serious). I took a break from work and hubby was tirelessly taking care of the kids and myself. My whole household shifted gears literally.

On a beautiful day, my boss was checking on me and sent me an article about Post Covid syndrome. It is unbelievable but right then and there, I had some closure as to what was happening to me. At first, I had no idea what it was but then I started to google and YouTube. Come to find out, there’s little information about it out there because it’s pretty new. Nevertheless, I was just glad to know I was not the only one out there dealing with this.

In Summary, Post Covid syndrome are the lingering effects of the Coronavirus that happens weeks and months after the virus is gone. Both older and younger people are affected regardless of how healthy or active you were prior to.

Like they say, "A problem known is half solved". I quickly came up with a game plan based on my findings to help me as I journey towards recovery. The first thing on my list was REST. Rest as in Rest, and when you think you are done resting, Rest some more. I started to take Daily vitamins (Rainbow light), vitamin C ,Zinc and drank and ate my greens. I started doing the steam treatments with onions, lemon , ginger and garlic occasionally and cut out most of my usual activities by like 80%. I am still recuperating but each day gets better which is why I decided to hop on here and share my experiences for others who might be feeling the same way. The CDC had recommended waiting about 3 months after getting the virus before you get the vaccine. Which is while I was waiting , and I tested negative for Covid 19 during my visit to the ER. At this point really, Everything is pretty much at a standstill for me until I feel better.

If you know someone this might help, feel free to share.

Disclaimer : This is simply my personal experience. Its intention is not to treat, diagnose or cure.

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