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Easy-Peasy School Lunch Ideas for Picky Kids

Trying to come up with school lunch ideas for picky kids is a whole mood. You are literally almost always planning. From when you go to the grocery store to when you are trying to cook for the house. If you have kids thats are picky eaters, this is not strange to you. I am blessed to have one! That would be my daughter. She loves to eat but she loves what she loves and doesn't really like trying new food out.

On the other hand, my son is not a picky eater but still, neither of them eat sandwiches, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, peanut butter jelly and most of the food other parents boast of. I have also tried doing the lunches their schools provide but they just pick and choose and are so hungry by the time they get home.

So finally, this mom had to come up with quick and easy ways to pack lunch that is tasty and "not-so-unhealthy". Somewhere in the middle if you know what I mean. I think I should also add that for breakfast and dinner, they usually eat home cooked/hot meals which includes rice and stew, jolly rice, beans, Fufu with soup and the likes. Trust me, they are far from being Malnourished.

As a general rule, I try to include 1 protein, 1 fruit and 1 snack. Every other thing is additional.

  1. LUNCHABLES, Chips and Fruit - I usually keep a few Lunchables (mostly the pizza ones) handy to be used once a week (usually on Monday(after a busy weekend), or Friday(after a busy week). The cheapest place to get them is Sams club. Giant and Walmart are my 2nd option. I always keep an eye out for the 10 for $10 sales.

2. Hawaian rolls, Smoked honey ham, Ritz crackers and Cherries

3. Chicken Nuggets, Tangerine and Veggie chips - I try to stock up on the ketchup and barbecue sauce sachets (love the ones from Chick-fil-A). I include the sauces everytime I pack nuggets for lunch. My kids only like the nuggets from Walmart or the dinosaur ones from costco. I air fry them in the morning before school so they can be warm (takes about 10-12mins). It is important for you to leave them out to cool a little before you put them in any thermos or container, or they would get soggy.

4. Jollof rice, Smoked turkey, String Cheese, Applice slices and Oreos - I have an apple slicer that makes slicing apples easier. If the apples are not sliced, my kids wouldn't eat them (well, me neither). I prefer apples sliced. Also, the only string cheese they eat is the paw patrol one from Walmart, and they eat it almost every day. I tried buying the string cheese from Costco once but I ended up giving it all away. They could tell the difference.

5. Hawaian rolls, Fried chicken wings, Unsweetened apple sauce and cut strawberries

Other school lunch ideas include spaghetti with meatballs and grapes, boiled egg with mini pizzas(costco brand preferred) and plums.We usually try to stay away from nuts because most schools they've ever gone to are nut free because of other kids who might have nut allergies. I usually don't pack juice for lunch. I just do drinking water bottles.Once in a while they get a pack of welchs fruit snacks as a treat with lunch.

I hope this helps plan out a weeks worth of school lunch at least. Feel free to share simple meal plans that work for you in comments.