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Stay At Home Valentines Day Ideas For Parents

This years valentines day is definitely going to demand some creativity on our side. Since we are re-learning to do everything else in a new way, Lets talk about some Stay at Home Valentines day ideas to make it interesting. If you are a parent, your typical date night plans would usually go something like this : Make restaurant reservations or buy event/movie tickets, Make baby sitter arrangements and be back on time to take over parenting duties. However, those plans might not fit into the grand scheme of things this pandemic.

For Valentines day this year, You might also be thinking will go something like this; Wake up in the morning get ready to work remotely, get kids ready for virtual school, Be exhausted at the end of the day, fix dinner, send everyone to bed. Hopefully not, but even if it goes something like that, lets talk about how we can make dinner a little more special with a few tweaks.

The decor on my dining table is usually very basic because it is a very active space. It's used frequently by 2 toddlers for eating, doing homework,crafts and so many other things. So for Valentines day this year, It would be a little decorating and dressing up. I came up with 3 themes that can help guide how you.

Please note that all items used were things I already had, a few things I recently thrifted and a few things I bought from the store. So it is very budget friendly.

  1. The Gold, White,and red decor Paired with loungewear theme - This is for those who don't want to really dress up. Wear your favorite loungewear or athletic set to match your table decor. More detailed video on instagram @hersplendidlifestyle

Outfit : Fashionova (old), Similar Here or Here.

2. The Red and Gold with mini dress theme - This is for the girl who likes to dress up regardless. Here's a little outfit showing a bit of the right places to get your valentine ready for what lies ahead. This fabric is stretchy so hopefully you wouldn't need any shape wear.

Gold Dress(thrifted), Try This,This or this .

3. Tribal print - This third one I had to do for the culture. I wanted to show some skin in a more classy way, lol. So I opted to make the top myself with Ankara/African Print , and paired it with black faux leather leggings. With this top, you can actually make your dinner buffet style without worrying about how your belly looks, lol.

Ankara Top : Shophersplendidlifestyle

Disclaimer: I am not a decorator by hobby or by profession. Just put a few decors to give you some "stay at home valentines day ideas"/ inspiration. My table was set for 4 to incorporate the kids for our special dinner. I hope your Valentines day is as beautiful and special as you want it. Happy valentines day in advance.

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