African Fashion : How to Style an Ankara Top


Hello African Fashion Lovers,

Today I'll be showing you 3 easy ways to style a peplum ankara top. I will be using our Because this top has a mix of prints, I'll go subtle at the bottom.

  1. Style with a Red skirt - My first option was to pick one of the colors on the top. The top has some navy blue color in it, but that will make the whole look toned down. I didn't want to do that, so I opted for the red. I paired it with a red pleated skirt and then red sandals. This look can easily be worn to a church or wedding party event.

2. Style with a Blue Sequins skirt - For my second look, I finally opted for the navy blue but in a more dramatic way. This skirt has velvet and sequins so it automatically adds personality to the look. I chose navy blue sandals so that a lot of the attention can still stay on the ankara top.

3. Style with Skinny Jeans - For my third look, I went all casual. I paired the African print top with a distressed skinny jeans and a pair of cream mules. I added a hat to complete my look. You can also switch up the mules with a pair of white sneakers. This will look nice for date night or when you're hanging out with the girls.

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